• Storage and distribution (3PL)
  • Inland transport: Groupage Containers by owned trucks
  • Packing, removal and storage of household goods
  • Packing and delivery of art
  • Freight insurance
  • Customs clearance of freights from any country you come from, and transshipments and freight forwarders in Greece, and from Greece in any country
  • Transport of heavy machinery and placement indoors, using special machines
  • Airfreight: to and from all over the world
  • Seafreight: conventional ships and container ships to and from around the world
  • Roadfreight: Groupage and full loads to and from all European countries
VLP Hellas S.A. is an independent forwarding company, established in Greece in 1987 and has been operating with great success in the fields of international transports and logistics (3PL). We recently moved to Aspropyrgos industrial area-Attiki, in our privately owned 5000sq.m. facilities, expanding and upgrading the range of our services.

Following a steady and upward course in our field, we have managed to utilize our experience and expertise to ensure the high quality of our services and carry out successfully the whole range of international and national transports-storage and carriage of commercial shipments and households.

As a company, and as individuals, we value honesty, integrity, continual self improvement and mutual respect with our customers. Our main object is the satisfaction of our customer’s needs with accountability and competitive prices.

The worldwide agent network we have created allows us to keep our freight distribution under control at any given time, thus providing the most efficient transports possible.

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Airlines companies.

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